Monday, April 18, 2011

Stories needed for Peace Forest

Stories are still asked to send by ENO coordinators. The book will be online by 16th of September. The idea is that each day a new story appeare on the main page until 15th of Septmeber 2012. 365 stories or tales by ENO students around the world.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A story from St Kitts

Sue the Bird

Far in the mountains in St. Kitts a little bird named Sue was flying late in the cold and windy night back to Cayon with her two eggs, but the wind was too heavy for her to fly in. So the little bird flew down in the dark forest and saw a tree with a hole in it. So Sue flew up and went in the hole to rest for the night.

The next day Sue woke up and saw a butterfly, a ladybug and a snail in front of her. "Who are you?" asked the snail. "I am Sue", replied the bird. "I'm Sandra the butterfly, Molly the Snail and Dolly the ladybug" said Sandra.  "How did you get here?" asked Molly. Sue told them what had happened to her the other night. They felt sorry for Sue. "We are going to help you" said the ladybug. "I am happy for your help" said Sue.

They went out of the hole and went on the ground. "Hey! Sue, can't you fly back to Cayon?" asked Dolly. "Yes" she answered. But when Sue flapped her wings she could not fly. They wondered why Sue could not fly; it was a mystery to them. They could not worry about that. They walked and walked until Molly was tired. Molly got back up and started walking. "Aren't you guys coming?" Sue was worried about her two eggs. "Don't worry" said Sandra. 

They went to a pelican named Ben for help. "What are we doing here?" said Sue. "We are here so Mr. Ben and you could fly back to Cayon." Mr. Ben was ready to go but Sue told him to wait, "are you guys coming or not?" They were so happy they went with her to Cayon. Sue went back to the tree where she left her nest. She was in time to see her two eggs hatched. Sue was so happy her friends from the forest told her that they were going to stay with her, and from that day on they lived happily ever after. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

A story from Argentina

The call of Lanin

The araucana pigeon puma and returned to the Andean Patagonian forest and told how they lived, they were all listening attentively: coihue, Raulí, oak Pellin, Ñire, mixed with beautiful flowers of all colors: Mutisia, Amancay and Orchids. They could not believe that the seeds of native trees grow so easily, and they had a land called Africa...
Also heard native wild animals as the pudu pudu, huemul, huillin, mara, the armadillo, the great condor and the ostrich. And the alien, brought from distant lands, such as wild boar, red deer, fox, wanted to hear what had the puma and the Pigeon araucana.
Colihue cane suddenly said: "What if we do the same here? If we sow seeds Pehuen?. We know how important forests for life. "
The camera was not so convinced, but agreed, like the cachana, they were talking about more. Then all together, trees, flowers, exotic and native animals, began to plant pine nuts, which are the seeds of pehuen. So happy were they not realize that this year, in June, the Wiñoy Tripantu (new year) had been different... no rain, no life.

Autumn is then presented cold, and most of the wolf spider family had to move or die. Leaves, did not stop the wind swirl.

And the summer... the summer surprised everyone with an unbearable heat. There was so much drought that huillín, who lives on the banks of streams and rivers, and had no ruka (home). The enormous huemul, I had no strength to search the rich grass that he loved and did not have. Could no longer see the forest monkey, jumping from branch to branch. The great condor and master of the heights could not raise his two meter wings. The maras were you want to run. Piches ate the dust of such drought. And the Pehuen seeds were dying ....

No way!" He said the cougar - this did not happen in Africa. They grew the seedlings... what has happened here...!"

Anybody understood anything... the climate, the soil was so changed...
Looking at this time was Pillan, the owner and master of Volcan Lanin, who immediately summoned an camarikun (Mapuche ancestral ceremony), to ask the mapu a little water. For three full days celebrating, offering and asking the Nuque mapu (Mother Earth) and the chao Antu (Father Sun) make it rain so that the seeds of Pehuen (Araucaria) and did not grow more drought.

Then the third night I talk killen (moon) and said "the mapu is threatened, no one hears their murmurs that come and go begging, screaming, do not destroy the Mapu, who let the perch swim in peace, that we kill the oil and gas waste. Woodpeckers that continue to make their homes in large trees and the cauquenes nesting on the banks of rivers. The earth calls for help from you, and make men understand that we are all necessary for the life of Wall Mapu. "

The tribes of animals proposed excited and surprised killen fulfill what had been requested. And it rained heavily for four days and then this could be seen as sticking the first leaves millenary Pehuen. Each animal promised to bring the message to a man and a woman, not destruction and pollution not Wall Mapu (territory), and the importance of each being in this world.

Note: The tale contains words in the Mapuche language.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A story from Peru

The talking tree

Once upon a time, there were some children playing on the Great Forest. They were very naughty children, trying to rip the leaves from the trees, hanging from the branches, and throwing trash around.

After a while, one of the children got scared because the tree he was hanging of started to come alive, it started to move and to talk.

“What is going on? Why is the tree moving and talking to us?” they asked themselves surprised.

“Children, Why are you ripping off my leaves and hanging from my branches? You are dirtying up the Great Forest instead of throwing the trash into a wastebasket. It hurts me, I am a living being,” said the tree, very sadly.

“There is no reason to do this to me,” he continued. “Did you know that thanks to us, the trees, there’s oxygen in the world? Birds have places to build their nests and have baby birds. Thanks to us trees you have paper and doors at school and home, tables, desks and many more things. Why are you destroying us? Trees are useful, even if you children don’t know it. If you take care of us, we can give you more things to enjoy.”

“You’re right, Mr. Tree, we have understood our mistake.”

“Don’t worry children, you can help us by making signs and posters and place them in the Great Forest, teaching everyone else how to care for us.”

Colegio : Sagrado Corazón Anexo al IPNM
Estudiante : Vivian Gonzales Omontes
Grado : 6º de Primaria
Edad : 11 años
Ciudad : Lima
País : Perú
Responsable : Jimena Cabrera Elejalde / Valeria Calagua Mendoza

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Peace Forest Story from Rep of Macedonia

A Strange Dream

The owl sat on the branch of the old tree so it could rest after the long flight. After a while, it heard the elephant`s painful shrieks. He flew next to him and asked:
- What is it my friend? What happened to you?
And the elephant answered very slowly and in a lot of pain
- The people attacked me and took out my teeth. They said that I don`t need them, but for them my teeth are priceless...
At the same moment, the crocodile came out of the river and said:
- They wanted to take off my skin, but I managed to escape them!
The fox that was just passing by heard the conversation and joined them:
- It is good that you survived because I barely got out of it alive! They chased me for a long time, but all they managed to do is cut my tale.
- You all had luck- said the owl with a voice full of pain. I just visited the young deer. The same people killed his parents and left it alone. It is an orphan now!
- Oh my God, what a tragedy! - said the fox
In that moment, the rabbit came running and said
- What is happening? - the animals asked.
- Run as fast as you can!- said the rabbit using his last sources of energy.
- Where should we run? - the crocodile asked.
- And why should we do it? This is our home! - the owl added.
- I am sorry Mr. Owl, but you don`t have a home anymore. The hundred- year old tree you lived in was attacked first! - the rabbit answered tiredly. He explained to the animals how a lot of machines controlled by people were brought into the forest so they can ruin everything so they can build a park. They were determined to ruin the whole forest including all the animals.
- That is so scary and not human!- cried the fox together with all the animals.
But then, in a lot of pain and hearing a strange noise, the owl opened its eyes and realized it was all a dream.
- Oh I am so glad this was just a dream. But then he heard the noise from a machine and that made him ask himself
- Was this just a dream or is it real?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Submissions for Peace Forest

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Peace Forest" by ENO students in 2011!

Art and creativity has been an important part in ENO Tree Planting events. We started with the play “The Drops of Life” in 2007, a play about the importance of trees and global co-operation.
Based on the play, a new book was published this year, also called The Drops Of Life. ENO students will write their continuation and draw or paint pictures of their stories. These stories will be chosen for a new book by ENO students, called “The Peace Forest”. One book is not all. Each ENO school is asked to make their own book based on stories of their students. Then we altogether will make about 7 000 books! Depending on resources, they can be in English or in mother language, online or only as a paper version at schools.
This new book will be online and available for everybody interested. It will be published 16th of September 2011, in the ENO Conference in Finland. "Peace Forest" will be also given to world leaders in the UN General Summit, 21st of September, also known as The International Day For Peace.